Where does the money go?

How Your Support Fuels

Ocean Conservation

Where Your Support Goes: Funding Ocean Conservation

Every Contribution Counts: Directing Resources for Maximum Impact

At Return To The Ocean, we believe in transparency and accountability in how we allocate funds to support ocean conservation. When you purchase from our eco-friendly clothing line, here’s a breakdown of where your money goes:

  • 50% Material Cost: Ensuring sustainable and ethical sourcing of materials for our clothing line.
  • 20% to Artists: Supporting the talented local artists whose work adorns our limited edition apparel.
  • 15% Running Costs: Covering operational expenses to keep our mission running smoothly.
  • 7.5% to Non-profit Organisations: Directly contributing to reputable non-profit organisations dedicated to marine conservation.
  • 7.5% for In-person Activities: Funding impactful initiatives such as beach clean-ups, dive expeditions focused on environmental preservation, and documentary projects to raise awareness.
*The above figures may vary in practice, but this is the breakdown we aim towards for every product*

For our international expeditions, a small donation is added to the overall trip cost. This donation serves to offset carbon emissions generated during travel, ensuring our expeditions are environmentally responsible. Any surplus funds are then directed to non-profit organisations relevant to the expedition destination, further supporting conservation efforts in the regions we explore.

With Return To The Ocean, you can trust that your support is making a tangible difference in protecting and preserving our precious marine ecosystems.


more than 1 Million species are currently faced with extinction.

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